Collect data links not working

We are having some issue to collect data. None of the links I copy from kobo toolbox are accessible by individuals with just a link. They are asked to sign-in to Kobo Toolbox or the form does not load. Can someone help!

Please advise!

Hello @sabbir93, welcome to the community.

Can you check if “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” button under your account?

If that’s the case you can get more information in here:

If your problem persist, please do not hesitate to ask furthermore.


The Data Collect link provided from the Data Collect option to Online-Offline (Multiple Submission) or Online Only / Offline Only will require the user ID and password to be opened on any other mobile / PC. Beneficiaries are unable to open the link we are giving them to collect information.

Give me your or your office email address, I will send you a video, then it will be useful for you to understand.

Hello @sabbir93,

Can you also go to your user settings and see if the “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” button is checked or not as you can see in here?

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