Collected data lost

Data collected by an enumerator on 20th Sep in field was lost. The enumerator used Enekto to collect data. The browser has been checked and all submissions were sent. Is it possible to recover the collected data? Thank you.

Welcome to the community @sudip2285! Would you mind explaining us a bit on how were you able to identify the lost submissions? Were they submitted to the server? Did you ever see them in the server?

Thanks for your reply. The data were submitted by the enumerator in the field on 20th Sep. But now when we are going to check and download the data in the account we did not find any data for 20th Sep. We are unable to see the collected data.

Would you also mind checking some other variables like enumerators name, location etc. that should able to help you identify that the enumerator’s data is still not in the server.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have checked following your instructions and did not find those collected data in the server.

In some cases, users accidentally clear the cache of the browser. Maybe this could be the same with your enumerator. Could you kindly first ensure the same.