Collecting data from old versions if questions were deleted

I had to make some major changes to a form, including deleting a lot of questions. But I need to see data from the old versions from the questions that were deleted.

I’ve tried exporting data by selecting “include data from all versions” but it seems like data from deleted questions doesn’t appear. How can I get this data?

Hello @Meghan,
You might find the old questions moved towards the end of the table row.

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Hi @wroos I checked and it’s not there at the end of the table. I suspect that it’s because those questions from the old version were deleted rather than simply edited. But there must be some way to see the responses that were there for the deleted questions - otherwise that is so much data lost.

Really appreciate if someone can help me.

@Meghan, maybe in this case download all the form versions and upload the one that has all the questions and redeploy them. If you don’t feel comfortable, you could try this out in a dummy project first.