Column in excel data does nt match with kobo table

i dwonloaded data excel from kobo and then i check column in excel with empty data where as in kobo table is found.
note:only some rows (30) are .

Welcome to the community, @wsafa! Would you mind sharing the screenshot of the data you downloaded and also the screenshot from the DATA>Table view so that we could also understand your issue pictorially?

@wsafa, would you also mind downloading your data as XLS (legacy) format to see if the mismatch is there too?

i downloaded the XLS (legacy) and no mismatch found.

in this case,i have to work in XLS (legacy) only ?

and why only some rows has this problem

we are having the same problem. Some interviews are not complete in the dowloaded data, but displays correctly in the browser.

The problem is not present in XLS (legacy), but then we are not getting the variable names as needed.

Has this been solved?

no still .only in leagcy ok

I dont know how you are opening the excel data, but I am using Stata and the following solved the issue:
adding the option "bindquote(strict) " to the “import delimited” command

i tried to edit these rows and update the value but still when download excel data is not correct.
only in legacy excel its correct.