Column level permission

I would love to see this feature where we can allow users to access only specific columns while sharing the project so that owner can comment on the data provided and users can edit the submission and change it accordingly. Additionally I also would like to see modification in the way a project is shared for example there should be an option which should restrict the end user (whom the project is being shared) should not be able to access the ‘form’ tab, to keep it simple. Why I am asking these features is because once we have these features (and few more of course) kobotoolbox will not be only a data collection tool but it will have the power to replace entire online data management systems which require you have the knowledge of programming languages and online dbms. Thanks

@yasirsaeeed, did you mean the features reuqest is to share only selected (desired) questions (variables) with users? Feel free to correct me if I understood your differently.

Dear Kal,
Yes, that’s absolutely correct.


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@yasirsaeeed, thank you for confirming! Would you like to sponsor this feature? Or do you have anyone/ any organization willing to support this feature? Feel free to reach out to us, and we could put this on our new features roadmap.

Hi @Kal_Lam! Thanks so much for your reply. As I’m still new here, can I ask what exactly it means to sponsor a feature?

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@yasirsaeeed, sponsoring a feature, is seeking a budget to develop this feature. It could either be you, your organization or some other organization that would require this feature.

Thank you so much for adding this feature in such a short time. Highly appreciated.

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@yasirsaeeed, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: