Columns in matrix

1.hi… i have a table with more than 10 columns. i wanted to use them on user interface on enketo using grid theme. till 4th column it was showing nicely. on enketo link… once i added 5th column the whole asembly got disturbed.
wats thh remedy?
wht are limitation to column
2. mentioning grid-theme or theme-grid -no -text transform in xlsform style sheet directly not opening the grid theme style . evrytime i hve to manualy change the layout and redeploy the xlsform…

i m designing using xlsform

Hi @sevavardhini,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that this is an identified constraint seen at the moment where Enketo supports a maximum of 10 columns for a matrix question. As soon as users try to increase the column number to 11 or more the table gets distorted.

I have created a GitHub issue which can be followed here:

Have a great day!