Combine 2 version of forms into 1

Hi Everyone,

I developed a project with 3 versions. I noticed that the updates that i created on version 3 did not appear on the same group in a group of colum when i extracted it. It appears near the end of the columns.

@chad_1995, could you share a screenshot of what you are trying to refer to? Maybe that would help the community to understand your issue pictorially.

Hi Sir Kal_Lam,

This is the screen shot of my project. I extracted the questionnaire in excel, Signature request was the last question in the form. But i noticed when i extracted the data some of the questions in the middle part of the questionnaire appears after the signature columm.

This is the screen shot also of the XLS questionnaire. The question for the STAGE OF CROPS was the data that appears after the last question for the signature. By the way My Project composed of 659 questions in kobo builder . 723 rows in extracted XLS questionnaire and the STAGE OF CROPS located between rows 199 to 338.