Combining free text with multiple choice?

I am fairly sure I can’t achieve what I am looking for with formbuilder, but perhaps it is possible with XLS forms. I am making a survey for people to record trees in woodland plots. I want them to count how many of each species in a list according to size classes, e.g 5-10cm wide, 21-30 cm wide.

This explains a bit better what I am looking for: Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets

Hi @Hydra perhaps this idea could help.

  • craft a question for each species which then asks the respondent to select the classes which are available for each species.

An Example: Use the select_multiple section type to ask which classes are within the Oak species. The respondent selects all available classes

Next up, use the if selected condition for…

  • follow-up questions that are initially hidden and once the selected() condition is met, the question appears

For example: `How many Oak for Class 5-10cm are present?

and the next

How many Oak for Class 11-20cm are present?

All these follow-ups will then depend on what has been selected in the initial questions. This way it also helps you place what is only relevant to the field-data team in the form.

And it goes on and on like that.

#MyThoughts :wink:

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Hi, thank you, much appreciated. I agree this would be a great approach if I had a fairly small number of species. Unfortunately there are over 40 potential tree species, although in practice, surveyors are only likely to come across maybe 5 or 6. So they would have to flick through a lot of questions which will add too much time to their survey time. I will keep thinking!

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Hi @Hydra,

Did you consider a matrix response type? I think what you are thinking can be achievable by this approach. You can take a look at it in this help article:

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