Completed questionnaires keep on disappearing

I am running an online survey in 9 countries. For one country, Mozambique, the completed data keeps on disappearing and we have no idea what is happening.

Hi @worldvision_sar and welcome to the community!

Can you explain what do you mean by?

the completed data

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Last week Thursday, Mozambique had more than 200 responses. This past Monday, that number came down to 86, yesterday they had 66, and today they have 46. So it is difficult to understand what is happening.

@worldvision_sar Do you share any permission to delete submissions?

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Not that I know of.

Can you check using this article Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation to see if there is anyone in your project who has permission to delete submissions?

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Hello @worldvision_sar,
Are you talking about different numbers of submissions on different days? Like yesterday 50 new submissions, today 41. new ones, as can be seen in the data summary page? Can you provide a screenshot where you see the numbers?.


I have shared the screenshot with the total submissions from each country. If the number for Mozambique is for those who have completed for the day, how can I download the consolidated dataset?

Hello @worldvision_sar ,
The Reports document the total responses (per variable, here country).
In the Summary page you can find them disaggregation per day.

Could you provide the following information, please?

  • Which server do you use?
  • Did you check the form with the Online validator?
  • Do you have the same issue if you look at the totals, i.e. all countries together?
  • Could you share a screenshot of the choice-list for the countries? Are there duplicates?
  • Did you change the form during this time?
  • Do you have the same number for “Mozambique”, if you look at the Table page and filter the country variable? 59? (see on top left)
  • Do you get the same number for “Mozambique”, if you download/export the data to Excel? 59?
  • What are your project permissions? Owner?
  • Are there permissions defined on row-level?
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Dear worldvision_sar, to rule out possible causes you could try the following measures.

  1. change the server password.
    2)revoke the sharing access permissions of the form in the -settings/sharing/who has access/owner section
  2. check if the “data disappearance” dates match any modification or addition or deletion of questions in the form
  3. download the compiled data in an excel sheet to validate by territory and date in the section - data/downloads/export/download.
    initially you will be able to validate if they actually disappeared and if any version coincides with the dates of that failure.

I have downloaded the data and it is only showing the 70 which are being reflected in the report now.

If you can retrieve the data from the back end, kindly share it with me. Thank you

For backend research/action someone from the core team would be needed to take over, please. @Kal_Lam

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Thank you @wroos, @hakan_cetinkaya, @Mal_777! @worldvision_sar, did you mean your data is missing from the server?

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Yes, we lost data for a few days just for Mozambique

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@worldvision_sar, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server (non-humanitarian)

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously: