Condition change in XLS relevant column

Hello, I would like to ask about an error in a form. In the XLS form in the “relevant” column, I have placed a validation that corresponds to the following question being activated when in the previous question it indicates that it is greater than zero (>0), but I have been observing that the problem lies in that immediately upon implementing the form and downloading the XLS form directly from the KOBO server, kobo automatically changes the condition to equal to 0 or 1.

What I can do?

¿Que puedo hacer?

@sebasortega_1995, would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of the issue? Both from the formbuilder UI and the XLSForm.

XLS Form Loaded

XLS Form Downloaded from Kobo

i have observed this problem in the relevant column of my project.Your validation changes as soon as your project is redemployed. I mean if you visit the project n make some changes,all the relevant validation logic changed .
May be the community can dig into this i consider as a bug…

Thank you.

@sebasortega_1995, @chiabotu, i tried to replciate the issue with this samle XLSForm that i created (but the issue did not happen for me).

Select one constraint.xlsx (10.1 KB)

This is the steps I followed:

  • Upload the sample XLSForm.
  • Deploy the sample XLSForm.
  • Now download the deployed sample XLSForm and then check the skip logic.

The skip logic was the same before and after deployment.

Feel free to correct me if I have missed any steps in between the steps.

@Kal_Lam we look into it later, am in between something.I think the issue is from Non-humanitarian server.

I dont know the server you have deployed your project .OCHA or Non-humanitarian?

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@chiabotu, it’s OK. I tested the same in the humanitarian server. If you should still have issues, please feel free to reach us back.