Conditional Calculate questionnaire

I am not able to calculate the conditional questionnaire. For example:
I want to make a questionnaire about clinical symptoms. like:

  1. Do you have fever?
    Yes=1 No=0
  2. Do you have fever diarrhoea?
    Yes=1 No=0
  3. Do you have Runny Nose?
    Yes=1 No=0

After adding 3 questionnaires total point, then make a result:

If the total point is 1, then show in the note: Mild Symptom
If the total point is 2, then show in the note: Medium Symptom
If the total point is 3, then show in the note: Severe Symptom

I can not calculate the system. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

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Here are my suggestions.
Calc01.xlsx (12.0 KB)

You need an intermediate variable for the note text. And you have 3 options to calculate the sum. With your choice codes, I would prefer the simple addition.
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Hello, Mr. @wroos.
It’s working absolutely amazingly. I have no word to thank you.
But, Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot. Really, you are superb,
Very much regards.

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