Conditional responses in a group based on previous responses

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to condition the answers of a group according to the answers of some previous non-group questions?

As an example: suppose that in a request form the number of permanent and temporary employees of a company and that in answers the interviewer mentions 5 permanent and 8 temporary. Now in the groups we are asked to take up each job post with more details, specifying the salary, the working time, etc.
My question is whether we can prevent the interviewer from going beyond the 5 permanent jobs for example or force him to reach the 5 permanent jobs in case it is necessary to just list a few positions and move on to the other questions

You can reference the answers to questions on the number of permanent and temporary employees in the repeat_count column of your XLSForm.

See some of the examples here.

To the best of my knowledge you can’t do this using Kobo Builder online.

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Hi @abel_g thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try it out to see what it does. I’ll get back to you if I get stuck.

Dear @abel_g, my problem is solved; Thank you. Only, when I disaggregate jobs according to their age, I am forced to calculate the sum before integrating into the column “repeat_count” ${total_emplois_permanents}.
Is it possible to avoid this part of calculating the total?
In the same vein, what to do when it comes to unquantified answers? I take the example of the same company where the investigator is asked to list the products manufactured by this company and in the group it will have to take back each product with the annual quantities produced and sales.Is it possible to automate the list of products in the group according to the one already established outside the group?