Connect Qlik to Kobotoolbox

Dear All,
I am trying to connect qlik sense 3 to one of my assessments on Kobotoolbox.
I am trying to achieve this by using REST service connector, and the attached photos shows the parameters list that I have filled.
the problem is it’s keep saying authentication failed, although I am pretty sure that I am providing the correct credentials for my account, kindly check attached files.

By the way also when I am trying to access : but It also keep asking about user name and password .

Any Idea ?

Good Morning Besher.

Where you able to resolve this?
If yes can you please provide how you went about it?
I am trying to plug in my Kobo collect data into my qlik sense

Have you tried looking at the approach towards using the REST Services

Could you please provide more details including screenshots of the problem you are having.


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So i am not undergoing any problem @ the moment. But i am looking at linking my data with qlik sense. but i dont understand how to go about it. Is the service name and endpoint URL a default thing or something?