Connect two dynamic projects (Parent and child)

Sorry I made a mistake in my post

Indeed, I want to connect two forms dynamically!
After following the process shown on the site, I chose the variables I want to see displayed on the child project.
However, despite choosing some variables, the child form appears with all the variables from the parent project (even the one I didn’t choose). in short, it doesn’t work!

The goal is for user A to fill in the first form with a number of variables. After sending the form to fill in, which is in principle linked to the child project, user B of the child project receives specific information (reference data) from the beneficiary on his tablet, namely:
1- Unique identifier;
2- Municipality;
3- Name,
4- First names,
5- Age,
6- Gender,
7- Neighborhood
8- Point_reference
9- Category
10- Type_of_collector
12- number of nets/bags available
without however being able to modify them.
As a reminder, this data was collected upstream by User A (Parent Project) and can only be viewed on User B’s tablet (Child Project)*

For user B, he can only enter additional data, namely:
1- The number of nets/bags collected
2- the total weight of the plastic material purchased (in Kilogram)
3- The price per Kilogram;
4- (Calculate the total amount of plastic purchased (Quantity*Price per kilogram)
4- the effective date and time of the purchase;
5- The Contact of the seller;
6- The storage point where the goods will be sent; (single choice list to be defined)
7- the GPS coordinates of the point of the place of purchase of the plastic material;
8- Take an image of the material collected;

Also, is it possible to add ‘repeat group’ in this type of join (child project) U (Parent project) for example? to update this additional data; using a search function for example!
Please help me out! Kobo collect is so interesting!
Round1.xlsx (9.9 KB)
Round2.xlsx (10.1 KB)

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