Connecting to kobo to excel Expression.Error

I was trying to connect kobo database to excel following the Get Data (command) from Web in excel. Initially it was working just fine. But then I had to made some changes to certain questions of the form, where I have changed one group name label and also changed the label of a question under that group. Now when ever I try to connect the database to excel, an error pops up stating that :
“[Expression.Error} The Column ‘Question Label’ of the table wasn’t found.”
Then the download fails. What should I do? Can any one please suggest?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @okup_mis! The best and easy approach is to re-do the connection again (i.e. configure the API settings again).

Thanks for your suggestion @Kal_Lam . Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I’ve tried several ways including your suggested path. But the result is the same. What should I do? Please help.

Hi, @okup_mis, if you share the mistake’s screen shot, i believe i can help you to solve the issue

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Thank you @osmanburcu for the concern. Actually I’ve solved the connection problem by creating a new export file and then linking it to excel. However, I’m facing a new problem with the data. As soon as i save and exit the excel file and reopen the spreadsheet again, it shows “We found a problem with some content in “(File_name)”. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes.” If i click yes, the spreadsheet gets recovered, but then it says to save it again to a new spreadsheet as its a recovered version. Now even if i save it and reopen it again, the problem remains the same. What should I do?
Can you suggest me any solution?