Connecting to local kobotoolbox installation

I have installed kobotoolbox on my Ubuntu 18.04 PC using the local (workstation) configuration . I can add projects and design forms from my PC .But I keep getting the error “Form listing failed.Error: refused while accessing” while I try to connect using kobocollect from my android phone.
Again If I remove the port number which is 8000 I get “Form listing failed.Error: responded with :No Content (204)”
Do I have to install kobotoolbox using the server configuration in order to connect from my phone if not , whats the problem? I have checked everything… the ip address is correct , no firewall is running in my Ubuntu PC.


Hi @afom do you have a tutorial or screenshots of the processes to install kobotoolbox on localhost?
I am new to this topic, so any information is good for me.


Hi @Erosfaus
Have you had a look at our article that describes this process ?


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Hello @stephanealoo , yes, I read the article and it describes general steps, it would be great if someone had a more specific instructions with screenshots. You Know some one to provide training to install it locally and also in the cloud (Training online).