Constraining date in relation with 'today' question

Hi all,

I’m facing difficulties constraining the answer of a date question to 1 or 2 two days before the current date of the survey.
What I want to know is if the data collected are about yesterday or the day before yesterday (and obtain the response in a date format).
Do someone knows what would be the constraint code for that?
I put . < ${today} in order to not have date in the future
but then . < ${today} and . > 2 - ${today} does not works for what I want to do.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Using XLS approach can you try the following


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Hi Stephane Aloo

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Hi Stephanealoo

Thank a lot for your answer.
What you propose should work, yes!
In the meantime, I found another way to obtain the result:

Not sure I ever would have been able to find a way in just one line like you.

Thanks again,

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Very nice, quite a clean way to do it.


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