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So I have to issues for which I was hoping to find a solution both in relation to constraints.

I have two questions in my form, shall we say Q1 & Q2.

Q 1 has two optijon A and B and is a select_one type

Q2 has five options, A, B, C, D, & E and is of a select_multiple

So my first issue is that I dont want the enumerator to be able to select options A & B together. They could select A, C, D & E or B, C, D & E together or any combination of the options but not A & B together.

My second issue then combines both questions. So if for Question 1 the answer is A, then A should not be allowed to be selected in Q2 while leaving still leaving all other options open.

Put this expression on the constraint column of Q2,
if(${Q1}=“A”, not(selected(.,“A”)),not(selected(.,“A”) and selected(.,“B”))
I am assuming here that B can be selected in Q1 as well in Q2. Otherwise if B cannot as well be selected in Q1 and in Q2 then the expression becomes this;
if(${Q1}=“A”, not(selected(.,“A”)),if(${Q1}=“B”, not(selected(.,“B”)),not(selected(.,“A”) and selected(.,“B”)))

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Thank you very much Steve, wonderful stuff

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