Continuous scanning of barcode without needing to click Next, Get Barcode, Next

Hello everyone!

Is there a way I could speed up and make barcode scanning continuous without the need to click Next (after clicking the initial Get Barcode), then click Get Barcode, then click Next again?

What I want to happen is that: after I clicked the Get Barcode, the scanner will continuously scan the barcodes successively unless it encounters an already scanned barcode, in which case, it will prompt the user that the barcode currently being scanned is already scanned.

This continuous barcode scan (without Next or Get Barcode prompt interruption) would great be for checking the attendance of participants in a meeting by scanning their ID cards with barcode so they don’t need to login in an attendance sheet.

I tried using ‘quick’ on ‘appearance’ but it has no effect.

Hope you could point me in the right direction again.

Thanks and more power to you all.

I don’t know if this is possible. But maybe @Xiphware would be able to explain more on this.

Hi @michaeluspay
I think your issue can be divided into two parts:

  1. Auto-scan by clicking the Get Barcode

Solution: This is not possible since each scan, if recorded, should be considered as a new question, and the only way to make the next question scan is to hit the Get Barcode.

  1. Check what has been scanned previously and notify when it is a rescan.

This has not been possible until the development of a new feature which we will soon release. So at the moment, this is not possible even if you solve (1) above.


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One way to work around and do this is to use a dedicated barcode scanning device which will enter the plaintext into a “text” input field. The scanner can be configured to transfer a linefeed after each scan, so you will get them as a list of barcodes, one in each line.

Of course, you’ll have to do some data transformation to convert them again into individual rows.