Continuous upload of responses before submission

Hello friends,

We are about to use Kobo Toolbox to host a large, online survey. The survey is self-administered and will be completed on participants’ own devices.

One of the issues we are trying to overcome is that data do not show up on our end unless a participant clicks ‘submit’. Because it is a long survey, we are expecting some drop-out, plus people often get to the end of a survey and just stop without clicking the final button. Thus, we need a way to capture partially-completed responses (including to assess if there are drop-out patterns).

Is there any way to setup continuous upload of data as they are being completed? Meaning, is there any way to get the partially completely data uploaded before that final button is pushed? We will never have access to the devices upon which a form is completed, and the survey will only ever be completed online (i.e., continuous internet access).

I hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance for any tips! Have been searching round-and-round for some solution to this issue, so any help is much appreciated.

Welcome @redfern87,
Unfortunately, there is no option to get/see data before (final) submission.
(This might also conflict with data consistency checks in a form.)

Hint: Research found out that online surveys are rather critical/sensible against long questionary time. This will reduce participation and data quality (less motivation). Much more so than with paper questionaries and with personal interviews.


Thanks for the intel; very helpful, if not rather unfortunate. This feature is very common feature in other survey platforms (e.g., Qualtrics), so sad to not see it in Kobo.

Hint: Many (humanitarian) organisations use Collect or Enketo in remote areas without or instable internet. So, submissions and online-monitoring are often only available with great delay.

To faciliitate your requirements you might:

  • provide more hints/guidance_hints to the user (esp. in the introduction any final part)
  • shorten the main questionnaire, maybe with optional parts added
  • separate the survey in sequential forms
  • add a feedback form/link for participation info even before the survey link).
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thanks for sharing

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