Controlling form versions

I have updated my form several times, but I am asking if it is possible to keep a specific version. for Example I have updated my form 6 times means that I have 6 versions. How can I keep version 3(V3) only in my server. or can i have access to a specific version.

@DJAA, you could get access to specific form versions as outlined in the post discussed previously:

  1. Can I redeploy a specific version( for example version 3 Out of 6 versions) and is it possible to share it to the third-party application?.
  2. How *clone" works?

Yes, you could also do that. Doing that should make the variables and data available only related with the third version (deployment). For your safe-side, it’s always good to backup the data and forms before you do these redeployments.

I have mistakenly update the form A (with data) by another form B (totally different with the previous form A) and I lost all variables from A when I am previewing the deployed form, but when I am downloading the data, the data from form A are still there in excel but mixed with variables from form B but I want to link data from Form A with Third part application only and downloading data from version A. will cloning support this process? or it require another steps more that cloning.

Try uploading the form that should be uploaded and you should still be able to fit in your data to the form.

I have just replaced the deployed form with XLSform A and It is working well.
Thank you very much for your support!
Have nice day.

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