Convert Xform to XLSform


I have some forms which i developed in xform format and we used to use them in the ODK platform, now we have moved to use KoboToolbox, So I need to move these forms from ODK to Kobo. I was able to export the forms into xml files, However Kobo is allowing only to upload forms in xlsform format, Is there any way to convert these forms from xform (xml) to xlsform so I can upload them to kobo? if not, is there any way to upload forms in xml format to kobo directly?

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Hi @Ayman,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that if you wish to convert an xml file to xlsform you will need to do it manually as at the moment there are no platform that could convert it to you automatically.

KoBoToolbox should help you convert xlsform to xml file but does not support you the other way round.

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Well noted, thanks for your swift reply.