Copy team from another Project Broken

I noticed there have been some UI changes to the “Sharing” section. While earlier it used to work, now the “Copy team from another Project” feature is broken. If you choose the other project and click “Copy”, it gives the confirmation dialog but the team is not copied.

Hi @ks_1,

Could you kindly share the screen shot (and highlight it with a marker) of the problem you are having. This should be helpful for the community to further understand your issue.


I am having the same problem. Are screenshots still needed?
Thank you!

Hi @dara_glifwc,

Welcome to the community! Screenshots not required now. Developers are working on this and should be fixed with the next release. Will let you know when it gets released!


Great. Thank you!

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when is next release going to happen?

Hi, is there any update on this please?

Good morning.
Is there any update or estimated fix date on this? I need to get projects ready before field season and will wait if there is an estimated fix date in this window of time.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi @ks_1, @dara_glifwc, @nca_hum_div

Kindly please be informed that the Copy team from another project should now work smoothly.

Have a great day!

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Indeed! it does, thanks!