Copying data from one form to another

Hello dears,

I want to know if its possible to copy/upload data entered to form X to form Y in the same kobo account (OCHA)?

I have initially created a form as a test and send it out to the team to test if the form is working properly and the questionnaires are ok. After finalizing that, I have created another form to be used as an original form for data collection. However, a record of 1000+ entries have been mistakenly uploaded to the test form instead of the original form.

Now I have data in two different forms (same questionnaires) and I want to move/copy the data entered to the test form to the original.

Really appreciate it if there is a way to do that.


@BarzanAAli, through this is not possible directly in the KoBoToolbox environment, you could achieve this through a python script discussed in our previous post:

@BarzanAAli, you should also be able to migrate projects from the source server to the destination server (using ODK Briefcase) as outlined in the post discussed previously: