Correct numeric field error in KoboCollect application

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If a numeric field is created in the form at the time of entering the Kobocollet, it does not allow adding more than 9 numbers, which does not allow adding telephones or complete identification documents.

It would be an improvement that is essential to make.

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Thank you for coming up with this practical issue/challenge while collecting data with the Collect android app.

While collecting data with Enketo i could observe that users are able to enter a 16 digit integer comfortably (which gets stored it the KoBoToolbox server) in the system however while collecting data with the Collect android app users are only able to collect 9 digits.

As a temporary workaround you could do the following:

Design your survey project with the following question settings (question type- text; appearance- numbers). Doing do you are able to collect an integer with the desired number you wish. you could also use the regex in the constraint to control the number of digits that you wish to control as outlined in the post discussed previously:

For a permanent solution:

In regards to the 9 digit constraint that is seen with the Collect android app, maybe @Xiphware could be in the best position to answer your query. Kindly please let me know @Xiphware if I should create a GitHub issue for this. TIA!

It is correct but it seems to me that they should make this modification since the text field as a number type accepts all types of characters which would make the information in the field not integrated.

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Hello @cispmed,
Would you mind to try the number appearance option as Kal_Lam suggested? This should NOT allow any characters not related to general numberic syntax. Number related syntax elements like decimal sign, thousand separator or - are allowed.

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I share the screenshots in which you can verify that the numeric type text field allows adding symbols so that they can solve it please.kobo1 kobo2

Hello @cispmed,
Yes, numeric syntax elements are possible.
For further control you would need to add also a regex contraint. So, your solution could be:
type text (for length > 9), with number appearance (for first entry control), plus regex with full format validation (after entry).
And you may add a format rule for the enumerator as hint or as guidance_hint.
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Can you please inform me how I do the length restriction

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Hi @cispmed
Kindly provide a specific example you need us to help you restrict.

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Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue of restricting the numbers while entering data:

Additionally you should also be able to learn more by going through our support article Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions which has a lot of practical examples.