Correction of form can not be uploaded

Dear Kobo Support, Dear Kobo community,

I am using the non-humanitarian server.

And I have a problem, I can not safe corrections in my survey forms. After I end the corrections I click on the submit button but the website is just loading and the corrections are not safed.

What happened before:

I started working on the data two days ago and could correct 11 forms before the problem started.

How it began:

I had the problem before (when I was collecting the data). After the data colletion (several month ago) in the evenings I found my moderators made small mistakes in the data collection (mixing up hours and minutes, etc.) I wanted to already correct the data in the field but that did not work, because I had that very same problem. This is why I made a word document to collect the mistakes. Two days ago, I started to work on it to incorporate thos corrections into the original data. I thought the problem might be related to the internet connection and had hoped it would go away when the internet was better.

What I tried so far:

Switching browsers and logging in and out

I hope this explains it well. I would be very happy about any help or advice as I need my data urgently to be be ready!

Best wishes,


Welcome back to the community, @Ulli_Lich! Could you also let us know the form version for this project? In addition, could you also explain us a bit on this …

Dear Kal_Lam,

the form version is v18. Is that the information you need? Or what do you mean with form version?

So for example the survey had one question about how many minutes people spend on their work. The moderators did not read minutes and wrote hours. So know I am just transforming the minutes to hours.

All this worked out fine for 11 forms, but now it does not work any more…

Best wishes,

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Yes, that was what I was looking for. Soit seems like you redeployed your survey form multiple times.

Did you simply change the questions (typo) or did you also change the question type here?

I only corrected the question (typo).
Thank you!

@Ulli_Lich, I would advise you to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any other syntax issues. The online validator should be able to identify syntax issues affecting your redeployment.

Dear Kal_Lam,

thank you for your response.
I am not sure if it is actually helpful for me. I do not want to redeploy the survey. I just want to correct the forms that are already there.

I think actually someone else had the same problem:

Is there no solution to this?

Best wishes,