Could not find some images on several form submissions

Hi, in several forms that we have, in some image fields, many times, but not always and not the same fields, there are missing images from the submission.

When viewing the form submission we have a message like: “No se pudo encontrar 17023125100302355399958775318312-13_35_14.jpg”

We saw that there are several posts about similar issues in the forum without a clear resolution step.

We cannot find a reason for this, but keeps happening. Our account is at EU kobo toolbox site (

Using REST API we can see that other images has their value and also their related attachment, but the ones that do not show the images does not.

In this example, the first image “17023124097194427493265067428112-13_33_35.jpg” does have an attachment, but “1702312421990926008332242946901-13_33_49.jpg” does not.

I’m attaching the sample JSON for the submission with Id 514946082, The Form ID is: a89MW3TLBTMmtGMetSZka8

KoboID_514946082-JSON.pdf (154.7 KB)

If you need further info please let me know.
Any help on this appreciated.
Thanks, regards
Roberto De Vita

Welcome back to the community, @rdevita! Are you still having this issue? If yes, kindly please let us know and we could troubleshoot it for you.

Hi Kal_Lam, actually yes, we are still having this issue with new submits. Please , let us know how if you need further information.