Could not load GPS data on view on map

When viewing the data submitted in MAP, I get: Error: could not load data.
The GPS locations of the forms submitted is correctly entered.
I’ve tried different devices and computers and the error happens in all of them.
Does anyone know why is that?

Hi @wbteam,

Could you show us your screenshot so that we could help you figure out the problem.

Would also recommend you to go through the attached support article on Map if you have not gone through. Maybe this would help you.

Hi @Kal_Lam
Thanks for the article. I can’t see the map as it explains there, this is my problem.
See the screenshot attached

Hi @wbteam,

Have you tried reaching your project data (View on map) through the Projects (legacy) which is situated at the left bottom corner above help and source. If no, please follow the following steps:

  • Click to Projects (legacy), situated at the bottom left corner which is situated above help and source. You will then be directed to the project which contains data.
  • Click on your desired project to view the GPS coordinates in the map.
  • Under GPS Points, you will be able to see View on map. Click View on map.
  • You will be directed to a map plotted with your GPS coordinates.

Note: Please be informed that you will not be able to see the map if your data does not have a GPS coordinates. Hence, please kindly download the data and ensure that the data collected has GPS coordinates. Also please ensure you have a good internet connection, as sometimes, you may not be able to see the map as the internet speed obstructs uploading the same.

Hi @Kal_Lam

Thanks for the message. Now it seems it works! But only when entering the current real GPS location. Do you know if there is a way I can enter manually the GPS coordinates? when doing it at the form it doesn’t work. We are moving from ONA system and we need to enter manually some submissions that we already visited in Haiti. If I can enter those locations manually it would be great, to avoid having to go to the field again.
I really appreciate your help!

Hi @wbteam,

I am afraid, to say that if you enter the GPS data manually, you will not be able to plot the same in the KoBoToolbox View on map. This is because, the KoBoToolbox has a variable named GPS where GPS locations can be collected and displayed. If you enter the GPS data manually you will have to enter the same using the decimal variable which KoBoToolbox will treat as decimal feature.

But having said this, yes you are able to collect the data manually under the decimal GPS variable and then plot the same in other external software such as ArcGIS, QGIS etc.

I also have this problem but on the screen (the same one previous posted), it said “The map is not available because this form does not have a “geopoint” field.” But I do have “area” question and ask user to put four geopoints to map an area. Can you help me with that?
I also went to project (legacy), I couldn’t see “View on map”.

Hello @GFuser , I solved my problem but not with the best solution. The problem was that my survey had the GPS location question inside a selection question. So there was first an initial question and if the answer was YES then a set of questions appeared, including the GPS location. That way didn’t work. I had the move the GPS location question directly in the survey, out of the selection question, and now it works.