Could not retrieve signature

Hello there!
We have developed a form that containing a signature.
When checking the data received, many forms contain the error message: “Could not retrieve signature” next to the signature. while other forms signature’s image appear normally.
Any idea why it does so ? Any remedies before sending back the form to be filled again ?

Welcome to the community, @tifcollect! Could you share a screenshot of the issue so that we could understand your issue pictorially?

Thank you!
I’ve attached a screenshot. I want to know if the problem is from the form itself, the connection, or from the browser or device of the individual filling it.
Thanks again.

@tifcollect, we have a GitHub issue for this which you should be able to follow here:

I have read issue 373
It seems the loss off signature happens if the time from adding the signature and clicking the submit button is to short (500 ms). (when working offline)
I have tested our survey where I have now added an extra group with a check question AFTER the signature.
It seems both signatures are now saved and uploaded to Kobo.


@steen_andersen, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: