Couldn't find the change made in the form

I had made some changes in the forms few days ago which was saved but couldn’t find the changes when i opened the form today. Is it possible to recover the changes that i made few days back. One thing that i did was renamed the file and shared with my colleagues. Does this have any impact to the form ? If you need access to the form please let me know.


@rshrestha_winrock, are you referring to the saved form (question) or the submission?

I mean saved form. I lost all my changes which I did.

@rshrestha_winrock, have you started data collection for this project, or are you still finalizing the questions? BTW, how many questions did your form have (tentative)?

No, I haven’t started the data collection. Right now I don’t exactly remember the number of questions. But we had made lot of changes in the question which was not saved.