Couldn't log in

Couldn’t log in into my user name xxxxxxx ?? is this username removed ?? please suggest. Thanks

@rshrestha_winrock, did you know we have 2 servers hosted publicly? FYR,

Maybe you are trying to log in to a different server? If you are sure you have logged into the correct server but still face a login issue, please feel free to reach us at with the email that was registered to the account. We shall then investigate your issue.

I know that. Is it possible to change the server of my account now ?? Because my colleagues is using different server than me.

@rshrestha_winrock, you should be able to change the server at any point during the data collection phase. But the only thing that affects it is the data that has already been collected. You will need to handle these data during the post-processing phase.

can you tell me server change process. Thanks.

@rshrestha_winrock, you could do this manually as you did it for the first time when creating your account.