Count number answered

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In xlsform, how is the way to count number answered for form?
For example:
There are 10 questions and the user answer 6 questions. In the final screen, is there a way to count answered?

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Hi @poorbaby,

Hope your query gets answered by the attached post where i have answered previously. Calculating inside a loop

Yes. But I don’t use loop.
Could you tell me how to the way to make it?
Thank you

This is one potential workaround
It may require some various design elements depended on what you have. If you had the 10 questions as compulsory or not compulsory, the behaviour would be different

"If they are compulsory" , then you would not need because someone would definitely respond. In that case if you needed one of the responses to be counted you may want to use dummy variables/questions after each to enable your ultimate computation.

  • Question1: Did you go to school in the morning 1 Yes 2 No

  • DummyQuestion1 will be calculate question which computes for the desired response and allocates 1 for what is considered as a desired response and 0 for what is not considered.

You would do this for all the questions and at the end, do a summation of the DummyQuestions which would give you the ultimate results.

Unfortunately the information you provided was sketchy on the type of questions and as such impossible to comprehensively answer you other than the above


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