Count Selected, Excluding One Potential Response

Hi All - I’m a bit stumped on an operation I’m trying to do for a survey. The XLS form for the question I am referring to is attached. So, there are six potential selections (select-multiple) and I want to count however many are selected, with the exception of the last option, which is ‘Investment’. The survey is scored so that if 4 or 5 items are selected, the score is ‘1’, if 2 or 3 items are selected, the score is ‘2’, if 1 item is selected, the score is 3, and if "no Debt’ is selected, the score is ‘5’. To give some screen shots:
-4 or 5 items selected, Score is 1 - This is working select five items, 1 select four items, 1
-2 or 3 items selected. Score is 2- This is working select three items, 2 select two items, 2
-1 item selected, Score is 3 - This is working select one items, 3
-"No Debt’ selected, score is 5 - This is working, including a cascade function that I learned from you all. thanks. select no debt, 5

So, the issue is that for one selection, I don’t want it counted in the score. We need to collect that data, but don’t want to include it in the score read out. Right now, I have struggled to remove it from the count. For example, in the following image I selected one option plus investment (the selection I’m trying to exclude from the count) and instead of getting the ‘3’ result I should get if Investment was being properly excluded from the count, I get ‘2’ showing that it is still being counted. select 1 plus investment, 2

So, everything is working as should be except finding a way to exclude that selection “Investment” from being counted. I’d appreciate you advice on how I might modify the code to get this questions scored right. Thanks for all your help past, present, and future :slight_smile: Here is the XLS : d10test.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Hi Folks,

Sorry for responding to my own post, but I’m continuing to struggle on this one. Does anyone have any idea of some tweaks I could make to this code so one select-multiple selection is excluded from a count-selected command? Would appreciate any thoughts you may have on things I might try out to get this right. Appreciate it!

Hi All,

I actually just figured this out with a colleague. I was just entering the calculation wrong. However, I am posting the solution to the question here in case others cruise through with a similar query. You’ll find the syntax that works for this sort of operation attached in XLS Form. d10test.xlsx (10.0 KB)

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