Counting the number of responses from various Questions

Hi community, I would like to count the number of responses of each choice. Could you please help me out with this? I have put the calculation formula but, it seems it is counting differently.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @jwz_meal

Can you share your formula with us so we can review it? otherwise without knowing the XML values i can only refer you to a relevant document. Maybe this topic can help you Something like COUNTIF in XLS / Kobo - #8 by stephanealoo

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Thanks @osmanburcu for prompt reply. This is the formula I am using right now.

This is what you need, I believe. This is the easiest solution I can find and it is working. You can find the XLS for you to review and adjust according to your need.
a9uTxggsR62G5LEcVBRuxF.xlsx (6.5 KB)

Welcome @jwz_meal,
This issue has been discussed already often here. Using the search function of this forum, plese, will show you more, Search results for 'counting the number of responses' - KoboToolbox Community Forum

Hi @osmanburcu,
Here it is the coding. I adjusted the coding as yours, it does not work though.
if(${aq1}=“Fully met”,1,0) + if(${aq2}=“Fully met”,1,0) + if(${aq3}=“Fully met”,1,0)+ if(${aq4}=“Fully met”,1,0)+ if(${aq5}=“Fully met”,1,0)
if(${aq1}=“Not met”,1,0) + if(${aq2}=“Not met”,1,0) + if(${aq3}=“Not met”,1,0)+ if(${aq4}=“Not met”,1,0)+ if(${aq5}=“Not met”,1,0)
if(${aq1}=“Partially met”,1,0) + if(${aq2}=“Partially met”,1,0) + if(${aq3}=“Partially met”,1,0)+ if(${aq4}=“Partially met”,1,0)+ if(${aq5}=“Partially met”,1,0)

Hi @jwz_meal, your solution is simple. You used the “Labels” to count, causing the issue. It would help if you replaced Labels with XML values. I am not sure, but it is probably like this “Fully met” XML values might be “fully_met”, check the answers XML values and replace it.

Thanks @osmanburcu It is working now. Perhaps what if the number of questions are more than 50, is the procedure same? or do we have to write another coding?

I have never thought about more than 50 questions, but i believe it will be no change in the coding. If you face any problems later, we can help again

Here you go! 55 questions. I am sure there could be shorter way to calculate this.
if(${aq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${aq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${aq3}=“fully_met”,1,0)+ if(${aq4}=“fully_met”,1,0)+ if(${aq5}=“fully_met”,1,0)+ if(${bq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${bq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${bq3}=“fully_met”,1,0)+ if(${bq4}=“fully_met”,1,0)+ if(${cq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq3}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq4}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq5}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq6}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq7}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq8}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq9}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq10}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq11}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq12}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq13}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${cq14}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${dq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${dq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${dq3}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${dq4}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${dq5}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${dq6}=“fully_met”,1,0) ) + if(${eq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq3}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq4}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq5}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq6}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${3q7}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq8}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq9}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${3q10}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq11}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq12}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq13}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq14}=“fully_met”,1,0) ) + if(${eq15}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${eq16}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${fq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${fq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${fq3}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${fq4}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${fq5}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${fq6}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${gq1}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${gq2}=“fully_met”,1,0) + if(${gq3}=“fully_met”,1,0)