Crash in "barcode" example

I am using ODK Collect 1.27.1, because I need the added features discussed in other threads today. I assume that KoboCollect 1.27.1 which will be out soon has similar problems. If someone has access to KoboCollect 1.27, please check:

This is essentially the usual suspect test project posted several time, but with manual entry instead of barcodes. 687 is a valid barcode. Enter it, works fine.

Now press backspace for 68. Or add another digit, e.g. 6871. Both crash the app on my Android tablet.

Codes.csv (255 Bytes) Barcode1.xls (35.5 KB)

Hi @dmenne,

Thank you for flagging this out! I tested the same in Enketo and it did not have an issue. I noticed the same in KoBoCollect android app.

Maybe as a temporary solution you could simply design the survey tab as outlined in the image below:

Reference xlsform:
Barcode1_edited.xls (34 KB)

This should solve the issue.

cc: @Xiphware maybe this is something that should interest you :face_with_monocle:

Have a great day!

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