Create a copy a form and all the records therein


We have completed data collection using a form and about to start data clean-up which will include deleting multiple entries from respondents. However, we would like to create a copy of the full records as a back-up and reference. How can this be achieved?

Thank you

Hi @cokoro, I would suggest “cloning” your form, deploying the cloned project and then using this tool to mirror your data to the new project. Please use the --regenerate-uuids flag when running the script, for example:

python3 --regenerate-uuids
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Thanks @Josh. I need a bit more help; could you explain what needs to be done to achieve the steps below. Apologies in advance if this is obvious.

  1. …add your configuration details for the source (src) and destination (dest) projects. If both projects are located on the same Kobo instance, then just duplicate the URL and token values.

Hello @cokoro,
another saving option might be to download and download the original data as xlsx Excel file. Maybe in XLM and in label version even.