Create a link to edit response from gives error message


I get an error message when using a link to open form submission for editing:

I modify the uuid created in the export CSV, but leave the remaining intact. Can this be done without going into my Kobo account and manually clicking on the form in the Table pane?



Hi @pkhn
Could you please confirm what error message you get when you try doing that?


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Try clicking to the following link:

Hi @pkhn
Remember that editing a form is limited to a person who has the right to edit the form. So as it is, what you are trying is to publicly list a form to be edited, which does not seem to be a viable option. Could you confirm if you had ever done this successfully before?

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Thank you @stephanealoo . I know you need permission to edit the response, what I am trying to do is have the link available without going into Kobo account and then manually looking for the response.

Explain this a bit?

Step by step:

  1. I import a CSV through the Kobo API into my database.
  2. I create a new field using while replacing UUID.
  3. I export a table to a private Google Sheet where all users with edit permission have access to.
  4. From there I want them to click on the new field and access directly the response without going into their Kobo accounts, just like you can when you access an attached file.

I don’t know if this helps you understand the issue.

I am guessing when you are inside the Kobo account and click the Edit button the system creates the same link while granting edit authorization.

Hi @pkhn,

With the method you have listed above you shall be able to edit your survey form once. Maybe you were also able to edit your survey form once. But if you try to edit the same submitted form it should have shown you the following error message:


Maybe you could edit your submissions multiple times if you edit the submissions through DATA>Table.

I have a similar problem - I am trying to automate the process of creating a pdf of each submission.

Knowing that there’s no magic ‘pdf’ button in grid view, and each submission has to be opened and printed manually, I am trying to generate a list of URLs that my system process can access and do the automatic pdf creation. This is complicated by the fact that my forms need to be opened in “edit” view so it maintains the Enketo grid theme layout, which the “preview” doesn’t do (and obviously table/download/API options don’t either).

However as noted above - and in other posts - the ‘edit’ links don’t stay active. @pkhn this post from @jnm might help with what you’re trying to do:

As for my use case (who just needs to View in Enketo via URL rather than Edit via URL- but no current way to do this other than to Edit - which brings the problems above) I have just created a Suggestion Box item also: