Create a note that pops up at the end of the repeat question


I would like to create a list of the species selected within a repeat which displays in a Note before the Add Group button.

At the end of the first repeat the note would say:
You have captured data for: Species1

At the end of the second repeat it should say
You have captured data for: Species1 and Species2

And then continue summarizing a list of all the species selected until the repeat is closed.

Is this possible?

Maybe this workaround should help you solve your issue.

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:

Image 2

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference xlsform:

Notifying choices already selected from a repeat group.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Thanks Kal, I will try implement it and see how it goes. Regards

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