Create a repeat group with another repeat group condition

hello rama, I’m a new user in kobotoolbox
I want to ask how to create a repeat group by using the conditions of the questions that are in another / previous repeat group, as in this case the initial question will ask for the preferred fruit (select_multiple) then it will create a repeat group of questions whether to eat the previously selected fruit in the last month and another question whether you think the fruit is delicious if made into a salad. then there will be a new repeat group asking the price of the previously selected fruit and also the fruit eaten in the previous month.
How to create a second repeat group with the condition that the selected fruit is the preferred one and the one eaten in the last month?
Here’s the xls I’ve created, but the second repeat group failed
repeat group condition.xlsx (10.7 KB)


Welcome to the community, @rama_amal31! Did not understand the second part of your requirement. Could you explain a bit on the same so that the community could also help you solve your issue?

thanks for replying,
for the second condition for the condition group “cost” is the fruit selected in (fruit_choice) and answers eaten_fruit = 1 in the repeat group fruit_repeat.

in the picture I attached earlier I selected orange, kiwi, melon, and in the selected fruit only orange and kiwi fruit answered “yes” to the question of eating fruit in the last month, so in the group price section I only want to bring up the orange and kiwi fruit question.

@Kal_Lam s there a solution for my case?