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My name is Salimone, I am new using kobotoolbox and I am using Kobo on web server (

I do not have the option to create users in my account.

Could some help me with this


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Welcome @snhancume,
You cannot create other users in your account. You can only share permisdion to a project to users (or a group of users) having an own account on the same server (OCHA or HHI).
You can find more information here

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Dear @wroos

But while i go to the sharing my HHI server is empty (there are no any user)! So, how can i create an account to the HHI server that i am using?

Hi there, each user needs to register on the relevant server (in this case KoBoToolbox - click on “create an account”). They create their own user account/username then verify their email address. Once they have a username then you can share the project with them by typing their username in to the box on Sharing screen and selecting what permissions they should have.

(If you were using your own server then there is a way to create users in bulk - and there is a feature request to perhaps allow bulk user creation via the web app in future - but for now that’s not possible Advanced user management: easily create and manage data collectors and admins - #29 by Josh )


Thank you for this support

It is solved following those instructions