Create skip forward logic feature


If it doesn’t already exist, it would be helpful to have a skip forward feature for questions. Currently the skip logic is based on subsequent questions connecting to previous questions. I would like to use a skip forward feature, that says if you meet the skip logic, you skip over other questions (even if mandatory-answers) to the identified later question.

The use would be for questions like asking consent to be interviewed. This is normally at the start of the interview and is normally a multiple choice (select one) - ‘Yes’ or ‘no’. If yes, the interview continues. If no, we want to end the interview, normally by skipping forward to the last comment/question. However, all/some of the in-between questions have mandatory answers, so using the current skip logic feature on a subsequent question (or note in this case thanking the persons for their time) would require skip logic features for every question in between. This is difficult for longer surveys, and prone to design error creation - like when I forget to add skip logic to one question. It also takes lots of time to add to longer surveys.

The skip forward feature would also be useful for any question that would end the interview early - enabling the enumerator to skip subsequent mandatory-answer questions.

This would save designers lots of time in adding skip logic to every question, and allow an easy end to interviews for enumerators. This means we can accurately record how many interviews did not go their full length, helping us see problems, like surveys that are too long, or questions/topics that are too sensitive.

Not sure what we can contribute to get this going. We can certainly test it. :slight_smile:


Skip logic- I found flexibility in kobo. Hope nothing problem.