Creating a 'household record" that you can reference and add to


I am wondering if there is a relatively straightforward way to create what I can best describe as a “household record”. Our program works with various households that we follow over time. Is there a way to enter data for that household, and then have a historical record of it and enter more data upon subsequent visits? Has anyone used forms in this way?

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Hi @agordon,

Welcome back to the community! Have you tried using the repeat group question type to create a household roster. You could have a look at the support article here and the forum discussion here.

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Hi @agordon
If I get your question correctly

You want to create a record of the household which when you do your subsequent visits, you simply pull the records onto the survey without repeating the questions. This could be something like name of head of household, materials used in constructing the house, the number of household members, etc. If this is the case then it simply means that you could do it via pull data functionality which has been described here

On the other hand, if you needed to say collect some questions
over time and then come back later and collect a different set of questions i.e. longitudinal data collection, unfortunately this is not possible. You will still have to rely on the pull data functionality. As it is the system is not developed to support longitudinal data collection.


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