Creating a question with multiply unit options

Hi All, I am trying to create a question which has a number answer (can also be text enter) which has a drop down menu to determine what the units are. I give an example:

Q: How much charcoal do you consume per week?

A: 5 (Units: Sacks, Buckets)

This would mean that the user enters the number 5 and selects either Sacks or Buckets from a drop down list.

Is it possible?


Hi @jakecook,

Welcome to the community! You could do the same using the matrix question type (a feature that is available in KoBoToolbox). Follow the instructions as outlined in the image below:

You could build your survey form in KoBoToolbox Form Builder UI as outlined below:

For details, please feel free to visit the support article on Question Matrix Response Type here.

You could also do the same in the xlsform as outlined in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:
Image 3

In the settings tab of your xlsform:
Image 4

You should be able to enter your data in Enketo as shown in the image below:

Reference xlsform:
Multiple Units (Matrix Question).xls (30.5 KB)

Have a great day!


Hi Kal,

Great thanks! The I have made the form and it works fine in the online editor, however when I delploy to my tablet device the formatting is all messed up. Also I cannot find a skip logic option for this question. Can this be solved?

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Hi @jakecook,

Regarding your first query:

For this, simply try using a tablet with a larger screen (as Enketo ideally is meant for collecting data in a large screen). If you don’t have a larger screen tablet try viewing your survey form in a landscape view. This should also solve your issue.

Regarding your second query:

Would you mind having a look at the post that has been discussed earlier which should solve your issue on adding a skip logic to a matrix question:

Have a great day!

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Hello! Thank you for your solution. It is of great help!
A follow up question: On the choices tab, under list_name, what does “matrix_kj7cn40” represent?

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Welcome to the community @porghie105! It’s a label generated by the form builder. You can delete them. Should not affect the display of your matrix table.