Creating a report from deployed project


I am trying to create a report of parts of a deployed project, i.e. creating a report on selected responses (not selected questions).
Is that possible?

Thanks in advance…

Welcome to the community, @rakkjen! Do you mean you wish to create a custom report filtering certain variables and cases?

Thanks for swift reply.
When I create a custom report I get a menu that tells me to “Include the following questions”. That is fine.
But I do not want to include all submissions in the report, only a selected few. Is there a way to filter that as well?

The project is still deployed

@rakkjen, KoBoToolbox does not support this feature at the moment. However, please be informed that we already have a features improvement request here:

Maybe you could VOTE to make this a reality.

that’s a pity, but thanks.

Another option for me would be to duplicate the project/sub-project and delete responses to get to the selection I want.
Is that possible in any way, without messing with the deployed project?

@rakkjen, while duplicating a project a form can be duplicated but not the submissions.

Maybe a workaround with disaggregate option for report could help you to see the relevant (filter) cases as a group. But this depends on the variable type and you can only group by on variable.

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Hi @wroos
That is possible. However, it means the user has to create a variable to change the response to a particular answer that allows him to disaggregate. This is not a very user-friendly approach, and I would not necessarily recommend it. I would, however, inquire why the user specifically wants to do this.


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Thanks @stephanealoo and @wroos.

Data has been collected from 3 different geographical areas in one project/form. Now, the issue is how to get 3 separate reports for the 3 areas.
It sounds to me like @wroos suggestion for disaggregate option might work, since region is a question/answer to filter by…
Would it be possible to get some guidance on how to carry this operation through, as I struggle to find my way.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @rakkjen
It is a good thing that you have a question that you can use. You should be able to do that by accessing the confuguration below


Chose the variable you need to Group By


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@rakkjen, maybe you should be able to learn more about custom reports through our support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports.

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