Creating a skip logic to a matrix question

I am facing two problems.
(1) I didnt find skip logic question for building a question matrix to set a logic. I want to set a logic like that, if any respondent selected “yes” in a certain previous question, only then the question matrix appear.

(2) I also used to set grid layout to get question matrix form at my phone base KOBO collect app. But even after saving and redeployed, the layout formate has changed automatically to “default-single page” instead of “Grid theam” option.
Can you please assist me??

Can i request Kal_Lam for your suggestion ??

Welcome to the community, @haider_2019! Kindly please be informed that a user in KoBoToolbox at the moment is not able to add skip logic through the form builder UI. It should be possible if you do it through the XLSForm though. As a reference you could have a look at our post that has been discussed previously which shows how to add a skip logic to a matrix question:

Also please be informed that a matrix question is only supported through the grid-theme appearance and the same is only supported through Enketo meaning that the Collect android app should also not support the matrix question. Thus if you wish to collect your data for a matrix question you should opt for the web form instead of the Collect android app.