Creating a table with a drop down box in a column for options

Hello all,
I would like to creat a table with a drop down box in one of the columns as shown below

The option to use °Select many° would not be suitable as the type of livestock are quite many,
Kindly assist

Hi @porghie105,

You can change the appearance of the select_one question to Minimal, it will create a drop down list. For more information you can check the help article:

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Hi hakan_cetinkaya,

Thanks for your reply

Yes, the appearance as you described creates the drop down box.

However, when trying to create this in a (matrix) column table, there is no option for Appearance (advanced) in order to select minimal

Is there a way to create a drop down box instead of the options appearing as ° Option 1, Option 2 ° as shown above

Hi @porghie105,

That’s correct, Creating a table with a drop down box in a column for options - #5 by hakan_cetinkaya please check the post below for correct approach.

In the meantime, a workaround maybe useful for you:

  • How about creating options for 1st Livestock, 2nd Livestock, 3rd Livestock and 4th Livestock, then asking a list of livestock options? See screenshot for example:

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Well, @porghie105 and for everyone,

There is a way to do this. I edited my post above.

@porghie105 is this what you like to see?

If so, even there is not an option in Form Builder, you can do it in XLSForm.

What you need to do is change the appearance of select_one questions to:

  • w2 no-label minimal

Thanks for sharing the alternative option.
Yes! the option you shared in XLSForm is what was needed.
If possible, would you mind sharing the XLSForm in this chat?


Sure @porghie105;

Matrix no-label minimal.xlsx (10.5 KB)

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Thanks again!


@hakan_cetinkaya, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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