Creating a unique id with the help of a barcode

HI, I need support on unique ID

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Hi @Jrs_ng,

What type of support do you need? More details would make it easy for us to help you.

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Hi Yasser,

We have a group of beneficiaries (170) that we intend to create a Unique ID for with a barcode for easy Identification and verification. I don’t seem to have a way around this. Kindly assist

Hi @Jrs_ng,

You need to do the following:
1- Create a Unique ID for each beneficiary which could be his ID number or anything else
2- Create a CSV file that contains the unique IDs with the name of the beneficiaries and any other information you want to present in your form…
3- Generate the QR-Codes by using this file

4- Create your form by using pull data function. More detailes at this article. Pull Data Functionality

Kindly see the example:
Pull Data Example.xlsx (10.9 KB)
Data.csv (185 Bytes)
Let me know if you need any help.


Hi Again,

Thanks for coming up with this. It was helpful but I need to generate a barcode. On uploading this its asking me to scan barcode. The beneficiaries don’t have a barcode yet. So I wanted to use the kobo to make a voucher for them that can be used as their unique ID. I don’t know if that is possible?

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Hi @Jrs_ng,

Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox does not generate a barcode for the user. Instead it is able to scan the barcode and collect the data using the barcode. Maybe you will need some other application to generate a barcode. Try using this online barcode generator. It should be easy and helpful for you. You could then use this barcode in KoBoToolbox for various data collection purpose following the instructions and advise what @Ysr3322 has outlined.

Have a great day!

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Hi @Ysr3322
I’m going to test this tool, can you tell me where to put the Data.csv file in the phone?
thank in advance

Hi @saidib,

For this you will first need to deploy your survey project, then follow the steps as outlined in the image below:

Hi @Kal_Lam
thank you, it works well. I will adapt it to my tool.

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This looks good. I have a question, Using your example and changing the instance to that of a family that has 2 rooms with different Barcode Number. If i have a barcode number connected to different columns. i.e, from the excel sheet "“Barcode_N2"” , how do i display all barcodes that is related to the main(first barcode number when i enter the number in the form. See screenshot for better understanding.

Hello @Kal_Lam. Sorry to open this thread again.

We have a form to ‘register’ participants only once. So, we want to generate with that same database, a new form that allows us to mark the daily attendance at workshops through using a code or ‘id’. Is there an example of this? How can we implement this crossing? Thank you for all the help you can give us.

@comunicacidemos, you mean you want to keep track of your participants daily attandance with KoboToolbox?

Yes, that’s right.

We will make 4 attentions to the same family, then we would like to mark the ‘assistance’ of each person through a form that already contains the data of these people.

@comunicacidemos, if you wish to register your participants only once, maybe you could use the pulldata function where you will need to update the CSV file with the detailed participants and upload the CSV file as a media file.

Great. Thanks for your assist, @Kal_Lam