Creating form - Mandatory Response using Custom Logic


So I am stuck in a situation. I want to create form where people give their testimonials with either text input or video and one of them should be mandatory but not both at same time. So for example, if user doesn’t input the text testimony the video testimony should be mandatory and if the they have input the text testimony then the video testimony is not mandatory but is still available for display if the user want to input both text and video testimony in the form. I am sure custom logic should be use and not skip logic, only thing is I don’t know the jargons/terms to write the formula. And I am using the form builder and there are not many documents available about the mandatory response custom logic. Please help

Welcome to the community, @saugat123! This screenshot shared below should solve your issue:

Use this code in the Custom logic ${Text} = '', which should solve your issue. But be cautious with the variable name you are using.