Creating note with Formula on Relevant Column

Hi All,
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I want to create a note on the xlsx form.

Noted detail
type : note
name : q18 display
label::English : Expenses higher than income
relevant : ${q18_avg_month_costs} > 12*${q5_avg_annual_income}

I have tried to deploy and test. But it’s still not working.
Do you guy have any suggestion or correction for the formula on the "relevant’ coulmn ? Is that right to put like that?

@andis, could you share the relevant part of your XLSForm with the community? Just the relevant part and the community should be able to help you out.

Did you check your form with the Online validator, please? (Always recommended during development and before deployment.)

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Thank you @wroos @Kal_Lam.

It is working now. I have been mistaken for the formula.
It should be ${q5_avg_annual_income} < 12*${q18_avg_month_costs}