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Hi folks,

I would like to create XML submissions manually. I am using the v2 API and pulling down the form via: …/api/v2/assets/formId/.

I am looking for the “formhub” uuid. For example, an Enketo generated submission looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<data xmlns:jr="" xmlns:orx="" id="aasxredactedredacted" version="1 (2024-05-23 16:33:43)">

How can I retrieve the formhub uuid? Note that it is no present anywhere in the form definition.


hi @justinsven, Welcome back to community!

You can find it under API v1., find your form name and you will find uuid variable there, this is the uuid value you are looking for

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I am using the global server ( with the v2 API. The token I have does not work on Am I missing something?

Is it recommended to use the v1 API in conjunction with the v2 API to be able to form a valid submission?

Thanks again and especially for the fast response!

Hi @justinsven, for the global server, you need to use the link KoBoCAT REST API . The is for the european server.

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Got it, thanks @osmanburcu!


@osmanburcu, :bowing_man: